Rolka, części do giętarek, Bend die, tools for bending machine
Wiper die, presure die, clamp, bend die, forming pipe mode, biegeformen
Ooprzyrządowanie produkcyjne
Frezowanie 5 osi, usługi CNC, Frezarka haas

We design and provide comprehensive production instrumentation solutions for the automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical and food industries.

We offer:

  • assembly devices;
  • welding instruments;
  • laser cutting stands;
  • elements of production lines and spare parts;
  • extrusion dies;
  • tooling for benders;
  • cable end forming tools;
  • monolithic tools;
  • instruments and tools for leakage tests.

In addition to designing and making new instruments, we also regenerate and introduce structural changes to existing instruments.